Preschool is the first school experience for our two and three-year-olds. A special effort is made to help our youngest students transition from home to school. Our teachers provide guidance and support to ensure the children feel safe and loved in their new environment.


The preschool years are tremendous in terms of growth, both physically and mentally. The children are taught new social skills and are exposed to many new concepts. Each day they participate in a wide variety of developmentally appropriate discovery and play based activities.


An emphasis is placed on phonics and math as well as the development of fine and large motor coordination. Children learn to trace and recognize letters, numbers and their names. Manipulatives are used to increase math skills such as counting, sorting, sequencing, and matching. Music, Spanish, Creative Art, Science, and Outdoor Play are important parts of our preschool curriculum.


Children learn the importance of good manners and respect for others as well as learning to share and care for materials. Children acquire listening and speaking skills by memorizing nursery rhymes and songs and dramatizing familiar stories. At Canyon Creek Day School, we believe that acceptance and praise are key to encouraging independence and confidence in our preschoolers.