The Pre-Kindergarten year is a dynamic year of changes, both academically and developmentally. Our curriculum is challenging, yet dedicated to addressing the needs of the child as a whole. Critical Thinking skills are encouraged and progression of fine and large motor skills continue.


The curriculum focus for this year includes mastering Phonics; consonants, vowels and word families, as well as beginning sight words and phonics-based Reading. Math instruction includes number recognition to 100, addition, subtraction, problem solving, time, money, measurement, and fractions. Other subjects include Manuscript, Science, Geography, Art and Drama.


Beginning in the Fall, small group and individual work in Math, Reading, and Writing is done to accommodate various levels. New concepts are introduced through a variety of methods. In addition to oral instructions and written materials, the children will be exposed to hands on learning games, manipulatives and technology.


Character and personal development goals are crucial for a child to reach their full potential. Character traits such as perseverance, integrity, compassion and determination are reinforced as the children gain valuable skills such as leadership, organization, focus, and responsibility