The Kindergarten year is an extremely important year in a child's development. Our goal is to ensure that each child leaves our program not only academically advanced, but also with strong organizational skills, high self-esteem and confidence, and a strong work ethic and character.


Our Kindergarten curriculum includes individual and small group work tailored to each student's specific academic needs. Highlights include an advanced Reading program that incorporates spelling practice and in-depth Phonics study. Literature, language development, and creative writing are important components as well. Our rigorous Math program utilizes first and second grade workbooks with corresponding manipulatives to focus on double digit addition and subtraction as well as elementary geometry.


Daily instruction in subjects such as Geography, Art, Social Studies, and Science, occur throughout the year. Students explore these subjects through a variety of related thematic units that involve critical thinking skills, presentation skills, cooking, Science projects and experiments, and field trips. The children participate in special musical performances at the Fall Open House, the Spring play, and at Kindergarten graduation.


Because our Kindergarteners are well prepared in so many ways, they graduate from Canyon Creek Day School equipped with a foundation that will enable a successful school experience for years to come.