Everything about this school is a dream. In the midst of a pandemic, my children walked through the doors of a school they’d never been inside before with a smile and never looked back. You can feel the passion the teachers and staff have for instilling a love of learning in the children. The growth we have seen in our children has been remarkable. We only wish they could stay there forever!

Haley Haydon

We have sent both our kids to Canyon Creek – our oldest started in Kindergarten and our youngest started at age 3. We have been incredibly happy all around and emphatically recommend this school to any parents seeking top notch instruction and a caring environment.

Both of our kids have thrived academically – not just in how they perform, but also in their love of learning. They cultivate curiosity and critical thinking that has carried through for my daughter who is now in 3rd grade. CCDS has retained some veteran educators who are extremely skilled and seasoned, which makes a huge difference. Over the years, I’ve also found that it’s a real community – a village of educators who care deeply about your child, even if s/he is not in their specific class. Also, the facilities are miraculously somehow always pristine – which is not easy with a school full of energetic kiddos! We are officially in our last year with CCDS and are sad to leave this amazing institution, but will make the most of it this last year. It will always have a special place in our hearts.

Michelle Sing

We recommend Canyon Creek Day School to anyone who is looking for a positive foundation for their children. The academic program of this school is top-notch and prepares kids well for life. When our daughter had to stay at home for her 1st grade during the pandemic, we were worried about how she would do when she is back to school. But her transition to 2nd grade was so smooth and seamless because of the strong education she had in Kindergarten at CCDS. And it was the obvious choice for our second child since we wanted the same challenging, yet enjoyable experience for him. The teachers and the office staff are friendly and responsive, and we always felt good about the fact that our children were in experienced hands.

Shweta Chawla

Canyon Creek is truly an amazing and unique place where children love learning, are taught kindness and compassion, and where each and every teacher loves what they do. There is much parent involvement, a high sense of community, and an emphasis on academics. Kids emerge from this environment with confidence, a love for school, and many great friendships at age 6.
– Enthusiastic, loving and highly qualified staff.
– The curriculum includes extras such as art, Spanish, yoga, music, acting, after-school sports (some with additional cost).
– A diverse and multicultural environment where children learn to appreciate and celebrate ethnicities and holidays from around the world (it’s unfortunate that at PISD kids can’t even have a “Christmas party” – at Canyon creek, they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese new year, Norooz, Halloween… you name it).
– The parent involvement and communication from teachers to parents is awesome – the staff are highly accessible. Most parents are highly educated professionals who value and emphasize education at home as well, so these kids are in a peer group where they love to learn.
– The academics: our kindergartener is reading and doing math at a grade 2 level – they truly prepare kids well for life after kindergarten.
– Definitely worth the tuition – Canyon Creek’s pre-K and kindergarten programs are off the charts.
– Academic rigor, student quality and reputation – many kids graduating from CCDS get accepted to and thrive at Parish, Greenhill, St. Marks, Hockaday after graduating from kindergarten here.
– Not just for people in Plano – we know families from Dallas and all over Collin county who make the drive to bring their kids to Canyon Creek for school.
– Student teacher ratio for kindergarten = 16:1.
– The bar has been set so high after your kid graduates from kindergarten here, need to set realistic expectations for what to expect in first grade.
– The school only goes to Kindergarten – we wish it went to grade 12.
– If you’re looking for a preschool and kindergarten environment that fosters well-rounded, confident, and creative kids who love to learn and be challenged – there is no better place. You can’t ask for a better foundation than what they provide kids with at Canyon Creek.

Arthur Chan

Being an educator, I knew I wanted more than just a daycare for my children as I headed back to work. I was seeking a place that would deliver constant quality care as well as provide my children the opportunity to develop a competent set of basic skills to serve them well when they transitioned from preschool to the formative elementary years of their educational career. I found that ideal scenario, and so much more, at Canyon Creek Day School. At CCDS, they celebrate the individual and emphasize leadership, while also teaching little ones how to conduct themselves cooperatively and productively within a group. Each day my children received the healthy balance of feeling like a star while also being embraced by the sense of community that is such a positive bond among the students and staff. My children achieved academically beyond my expectations in the areas of reading, writing and math, but most importantly, they developed a healthy attitude about school and a true love of learning. As a working parent, I wanted my children to spend their weekdays with adults who care for them as if they were their own children. Nothing can replace the peace of mind I had as I dropped off my children at CCDS on my way to work. I knew each day as I drove away they would be lovingly nurtured as well as held accountable as members of a class. My oldest child is now in elementary school where I repeatedly witness examples of the years she spent at Canyon Creek Day School – her command of academics, her responsible work habits, and her positive relationships with both peers and teachers. As my family looks ahead to my second child’s departure from CCDS, it is hard for any of us to picture the future without CCDS in our regular weekday life. Both children feel such a strong connection to Canyon Creek Day School, and the school will forever hold a sacred place in their hearts…only to be surpassed by the special place it occupies in the hearts of their parents.

Wendy Rupp

best education

Eight years and four kids later, we have been extremely happy with the education and social environment Canyon Creek Day School has to offer. It is hard to find a preschool that gives you a perfect balance of academics and fun. With a comprehensive curriculum of math, language arts, Spanish, computers, art, and music, CCDS provided a strong foundation for our kids. We are so thankful that we were able to find such an amazing preschool with teachers who are caring, loving, and encouraging! We love Canyon Creek Day School!

Ritu Gupta

Over the last nine years, my three children have come to Canyon Creek Day School for school as well as summer camps. The program they have created includes a wide variety of core subjects as well as Spanish, music, and computer skills. This is all accomplished with the perfect balance of academics and play in a fun, nurturing environment. The small class size really allows for a lot of student/teacher interaction. I truly believe that my children could not have been given a better foundation anywhere! My two oldest are at St. Mark’s and Hockaday. My youngest will be graduating from CCDS and attending St. Mark’s in the fall with his brother. As a testament to their greatness, we moved to Dallas several years ago and have gladly made the trek back and forth to Plano because we knew that Canyon Creek Day School was THE place for him to receive the best education!

Kim Loftus

Canyon Creek Day School is definitively the best learning environment of any preschool in the Metroplex! While their curriculum is thoroughly comprehensive, and provides students with ALL of the academic skills necessary to excel in the future, there is a strong emphasis placed on character development. This is accomplished through outstanding teachers who are both nurturing and supportive, who are committed to bringing out the best in every child! Although we drive from Dallas everyday, enrolling our boys at Canyon Creek Day School has been the best decision we have ever made as parents! We can’t thank everyone at Canyon Creek Day School enough for laying a positive foundation within our boys that will last a lifetime!

Mark and Stacy McKay

We are a multi-generational family of Canyon Creek Day School. Our children attended CCDS in the 1990s and now our granddaughter is a current student. Canyon Creek Day School has a strong academic program. The transition to elementary school was smooth for our children because of what they mastered at Canyon Creek. Parents – and grandparents – are always welcome and strongly encouraged to participate in their children’s preschool experience. Regularly scheduled conferences keep you informed about your child’s progress. The teachers and staff are some of the best in the DFW area. Their dedication and love of teaching is demonstrated by their long tenure at Canyon Creek. Our granddaughter has some of the same teachers that our children had when they attended CCDS. Canyon Creek Day School was our first choice for our children and the only preschool we considered for our granddaughter. We highly recommend Canyon Creek Day School for any preschooler.

Andrea and Gene Phifer