Students three and over may choose to enroll in one or more of our popular Enrichment classes. Class offerings vary from year to year based on demand. Classes begin the first week of September.

Canyon Creek Art Studio

Creative Art with Mrs. Lamb. Younger students will explore art inspired by children's books and their illustrations. Older students will explore the works of fine artists such as Van Gogh, Degas, Matisse, and more. We will celebrate with a Gallery Show in the spring!

STEM Learning Lab

Your child will be educated and engaged in four disciplines-science, technology, engineering, and math. Preschoolers will use literature to inspire engineering challenges and architectural designs. Pre-K and Kindergartners will build wind-powered and magnet-powered cars and explore robotics.

Brain Games

Learn valuable life skills such as strategizing, problem solving , critical thinking, focus and teamwork with Mr. Ervin! Through interactive games, puzzles, and mind-enhancing activities, your child will explore the world of learning like never before.

Get Ahead Tutoring

We offer private and semi-private tutoring in the afternoon by our own experienced teachers! Tutoring is available in Reading, Phonics, Language, Writing, and/or Math. Tutoring teachers include Mrs, Paris and Mrs. Meade.

Move, Flow, and Grow

Balance your mind and body with Ms. Johnson. Explore Yoga and more through movement and music. These fun activities will build balance, strength, and flexibility while developing concentration, confidence, and self-discipline.

Soccer Skills

A year-round program for boys and girls that teaches children the basic fundamentals and mechanics of soccer while focusing on hand-eye coordination, speed and agility, muscle tone and overall cardiovascular fitness.

Bilingual Buddies

Come learn Spanish with Senora Meade, a native Spanish speaking teacher! Your little linguist will learn to speak and write in Spanish. This class will focus on conversational language through games, songs, hands on activities, and writing. Pre-K and Kindergarten only.

Test Preparation Enrichment

Considering private schools or gifted programs for your child after their time at CCDS? Join Mrs. Augustyn to build confidence, increase vocabulary, and learn the skills needed for the various entrance exams. When testing season ends, the focus will be on mathematics and STEM.

Hip Hop/Cheer

We are taking it to the streets as we teach our kids how to Move-N-Groove to a Hip Hop Beat! We'll also incorporate our cheer program highlights - two programs in one! We will end with a performance to showcase your child's Hip Hop Dance and Cheer skills.