Wendy Rupp

Being an educator, I knew I wanted more than just a daycare for my children as I headed back to work. I was seeking a place that would deliver constant quality care as well as provide my children the opportunity to develop a competent set of basic skills to serve them well when they transitioned from preschool to the formative elementary years of their educational career. I found that ideal scenario, and so much more, at Canyon Creek Day School. At CCDS, they celebrate the individual and emphasize leadership, while also teaching little ones how to conduct themselves cooperatively and productively within a group. Each day my children received the healthy balance of feeling like a star while also being embraced by the sense of community that is such a positive bond among the students and staff. My children achieved academically beyond my expectations in the areas of reading, writing and math, but most importantly, they developed a healthy attitude about school and a true love of learning. As a working parent, I wanted my children to spend their weekdays with adults who care for them as if they were their own children. Nothing can replace the peace of mind I had as I dropped off my children at CCDS on my way to work. I knew each day as I drove away they would be lovingly nurtured as well as held accountable as members of a class. My oldest child is now in elementary school where I repeatedly witness examples of the years she spent at Canyon Creek Day School – her command of academics, her responsible work habits, and her positive relationships with both peers and teachers. As my family looks ahead to my second child’s departure from CCDS, it is hard for any of us to picture the future without CCDS in our regular weekday life. Both children feel such a strong connection to Canyon Creek Day School, and the school will forever hold a sacred place in their hearts…only to be surpassed by the special place it occupies in the hearts of their parents.