Michelle Sing

We have sent both our kids to Canyon Creek – our oldest started in Kindergarten and our youngest started at age 3. We have been incredibly happy all around and emphatically recommend this school to any parents seeking top notch instruction and a caring environment.

Both of our kids have thrived academically – not just in how they perform, but also in their love of learning. They cultivate curiosity and critical thinking that has carried through for my daughter who is now in 3rd grade. CCDS has retained some veteran educators who are extremely skilled and seasoned, which makes a huge difference. Over the years, I’ve also found that it’s a real community – a village of educators who care deeply about your child, even if s/he is not in their specific class. Also, the facilities are miraculously somehow always pristine – which is not easy with a school full of energetic kiddos! We are officially in our last year with CCDS and are sad to leave this amazing institution, but will make the most of it this last year. It will always have a special place in our hearts.