Arthur Chan

Canyon Creek is truly an amazing and unique place where children love learning, are taught kindness and compassion, and where each and every teacher loves what they do. There is much parent involvement, a high sense of community, and an emphasis on academics. Kids emerge from this environment with confidence, a love for school, and many great friendships at age 6.
– Enthusiastic, loving and highly qualified staff.
– The curriculum includes extras such as art, Spanish, yoga, music, acting, after-school sports (some with additional cost).
– A diverse and multicultural environment where children learn to appreciate and celebrate ethnicities and holidays from around the world (it’s unfortunate that at PISD kids can’t even have a “Christmas party” – at Canyon creek, they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Chinese new year, Norooz, Halloween… you name it).
– The parent involvement and communication from teachers to parents is awesome – the staff are highly accessible. Most parents are highly educated professionals who value and emphasize education at home as well, so these kids are in a peer group where they love to learn.
– The academics: our kindergartener is reading and doing math at a grade 2 level – they truly prepare kids well for life after kindergarten.
– Definitely worth the tuition – Canyon Creek’s pre-K and kindergarten programs are off the charts.
– Academic rigor, student quality and reputation – many kids graduating from CCDS get accepted to and thrive at Parish, Greenhill, St. Marks, Hockaday after graduating from kindergarten here.
– Not just for people in Plano – we know families from Dallas and all over Collin county who make the drive to bring their kids to Canyon Creek for school.
– Student teacher ratio for kindergarten = 16:1.
– The bar has been set so high after your kid graduates from kindergarten here, need to set realistic expectations for what to expect in first grade.
– The school only goes to Kindergarten – we wish it went to grade 12.
– If you’re looking for a preschool and kindergarten environment that fosters well-rounded, confident, and creative kids who love to learn and be challenged – there is no better place. You can’t ask for a better foundation than what they provide kids with at Canyon Creek.